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Tre Colonne Olisir 1000+ extra virgin olive oil, 500ml

The Extra Virgin olive oil monocultivar Coratina of 'Le Tre Colonne' it's an oil manufactured with company selected olives, variety 100% Coratina.

To the smell it is perceived in an elegant and deterimate flavour, rich of reminding of sage and herbs, notes of artichoke and cardoon. It is perceived in all its persistence and complexity, it's fascinating and it releases strong tonalities of bitter and pungency.
It is suggested preferably with dishes of important structure such as red meat or legumes' soups. Ideal with grilled or cooked green vegetables.

Variety of olives: Coratina

12 000 Ft
Unit price: 24 000 Ft/l
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Country of origin
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Olive variety
Monocultivar Coratina
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