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Microplane graters

What makes Microplane® files so sharp?
The secret is the Microplane® trademark process, which uses chemical agents to form sharp surfaces. Microplane®, known worldwide as the original manufacturer of photo-engraved cutting tools, has developed its files based on 40 years of experience in photo-engraving and manufacturing.

  • The teeth of the Microplane® are razor sharp
  • The pressed teeth are blunt

Common features of Microplane devices:

  • The original / trademarked technology
  • Founder of Microplane®-A photoengraving process
  • Durable, ultra-sharp, stainless, patented lattice steel blades - American made
  • Cut food without cracks, tears or shreds to preserve and enhance the aroma and flavor of your food
  • You can grate hard and soft cheeses, vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, spices, ginger, garlic, truffles, chocolate, etc. effortlessly.
    Hand-grip, soft-touch handle
  • Plastic protective cover for easy storage
  • Dishwasher safe / The protective cover is hand washable
  • It is used and supported worldwide by home and professional chefs