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Sardinian flatbread and grissini

Pane carasau ("toasted bread" in Sardinian language) is an ancient, traditional flatbread from Sardinia; thin and crisp, usually in a round form roughly half a meter in diameter. The bread is double baked for extra crispiness and is made by taking baked flatbread (made of durum wheat flour, salt, yeast, and water), then separating it into two sheets, which are baked again. With a unique flavour and an intense aroma of cereals and wood-burning ovens, this flatbread is delicious as a cracker and is typically enjoyed as an accompaniment to various snacks, cheeses, appetizers, and soups.


Guttiau bread is an even more flavourful and tasty variant of pane carasau, as it is seasoned with olive oil and lightly salted on the surface before the last browning in the oven. The name itself, "guttiau", in the Sardinian dialect means "dripped" to indicate the fact that the bread is soaked with olive oil. It was originally obtained by dripping melted lard on the sheets of carasau and then sprinkling salt on the surface. Today olive oil is used instead of lard, but the fragrance and palatability are unchanged! It is mainly eaten as a snack and commonly served with salami and cheese.