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Pane Guttiau al Peperoncino - Sardinian flatbread flavoured with chilli, 250g

Pane Guttiau al Peperoncino - Sardinian flatbread flavoured with chilli, 250g
Pane Guttiau al Peperoncino - Sardinian flatbread flavoured with chilli, 250g

Guttiau bread is an even more flavourful and tasty variant of pane carasau, as it is seasoned with olive oil and lightly salted on the surface before the last browning in the oven. The name itself, "guttiau", in the Sardinian dialect means "dripped" to indicate the fact that the bread is soaked with olive oil. It was originally obtained by dripping melted lard on the sheets of carasau and then sprinkling salt on the surface. Today olive oil is used instead of lard, but the fragrance and palatability are unchanged! It is mainly eaten as a snack and commonly served with salami and cheese.

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Flavoured pane guttiau is also available, they are made by adding dried flavourings before the second baking. Chilli pepper, onion or rosemary flavourings are delicious variations on the theme of Sardinian bread that offer even more opportunities to combine this fantastic food with.


Pane carasau’s origins have been traced to the Nuragic Age, circa 1900-730 BCE, remains of the bread were found in archaeological excavations of nuraghes (traditional Sardinian stone buildings). Because of its long storage life (it can last up to one year if it is kept dry), pane carasau was once a staple food of Sardinian shepherds during their trips to mountain pastures.

In the Sardinian language, the entire preparation process and cooking phases of pane carasau are called Sa Cotta; in the island tradition Sa Cotta has always been a moment of togetherness and participation, in which family members and even the neighbourhood were involved. The recipe for carasau bread, as well as its preparation method, have been handed down from generation to generation up to the present day.

It is popularly called carta (da) musica in Italian, meaning "sheet music", in reference to its large and paper-thin shape, which is said to be so thin before cooking that a sheet of music can be read through it.

Pane carasau is also used for preparing another classic of the Sardinian cuisine called pane frattau, a lasagna-style dish made with crispy sheets of carasau that are soaked in hot water, then layered with tomato sauce and pecorino Sardo cheese.

Masserie Sardi
Country of origin
double-milled durum semolina, water, olive oil (14%), salt, brewer's yeast, powdered chilli pepper (0,6%)

May contain traces of soy and mustard.

nutrition facts
Average values per 100 g
 Energy 1859 kJ/443 kcal
 Fat 17g
    of which saturates 2,6g
 Carbohydrate 61g
    of which sugars 1,6g
 Fibre 4g
 Protein 9,6g
 Salt 1,8g
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