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Tartuflanghe - Honey-mustard and truffle potato chips, bag, 100g

Tartuflanghe chips are slightly thicker than normal chips, crispy and fried only in olive and sunflower oil. It can be used as an excellent aperitif, as an accompaniment to wine, sandwiches, tapas, and salads, but it is also a tasty snack eaten on its own. The spice mixture with mustard, honey and white truffle is prepared in-house by Tartuflanghe, with a focus on preserving the taste of the fresh ingredients.

2 000 Ft
Unit price: 20 000 Ft/kg
Out of stock

Ingredients: potato, sunflower oil, seasoning powder 6% (potato maltodextrin, corn maltodextrin, sugar, modified starch, including mustard seed 5%, sugar caramel, flavourings, of which honey 3%, vinegar, wine vinegar, salt, of which truffle White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) freeze-dried 0.5% (equal to 2.5% fresh truffle), spices) olive oil, salt.


Gluten and dairy free product!

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