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Salera Arborio rice, 1kg
Salera Arborio rice, 1kg
3 000 Ft

Salera Arborio rice, 1kg

Arborio is a particularly popular rice variety. It was named after a place in the Vercelli region, where it was first grown in 1946. As the eyes are fairly large, cook the Arborio rice with special care and leave the pot off the stove for a few minutes. This process - while the rice is even more creamy and velvety - is called mantecare. Arborio rice is suitable for making any risotto.

Our recommendation:

It is better for creamy and cheesy risottos. 

3 000 Ft
Unit price: 3 000 Ft/kg

Tips: Serve the risotto hot, do not leave out the fresh ground pepper on top, nor the parmesan, grated or peeled on thin sliced. Some people sprinkle it with a little bit of olive oil and some fresh green herbs. And a glass of wine will definitely go with it!

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