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Agrimontana - Bergamot marmalade, 320g

Agrimontana - Bergamot marmalade, 320g
Agrimontana - Bergamot marmalade, 320g

The jams produced according to the traditional recipe contain only the best quality Italian fruits, which are harvested at the right ripeness point and no preservatives are added.

During cooking, it is also enriched with small pieces of bergamot peel, which gives it a particularly delicious, well-recognizable taste.

The secret of the aroma is that Agrimontana only uses cane sugar from the islands of Mauritius, so the natural gelatin in the right amount is tastier than homemade jams, and it is without additives. It has the colour and taste only of the fruit, nothing else.

Our recommendation:

Ideal as an accompaniment to aged cheeses. Spreadable for a delicious breakfast and snack, for filling cakes, pastry and for garnishing desserts with yogurt and cream.

2 800 Ft
Unit price: 8 750 Ft/kg
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Ingredients: bergamot, cane sugar, bergamot peel strips (3,1%), lemon juice.

Fruit used: 70 g / 100 g. Gluten-free product.

Country of origin
Place of origin
Nutritional values for 100 g of product
 Energy 819 kJ/193 kcal
 Total Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 0g
 Total Carbohydrate 47g
    Sugar 45g
 Protein 0,5g
 Salt 0g
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