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La Nicchia Caperberries in olive oil, 240g

Ready-to-use medium-sized caper berries, which maintain their firm texture while being preserved in oil. Ideal for rice salads and to flavour baked or grilled fish. Perfect for appetizers.

The caper berries, called cucunci in Italian, are the fruits of the caper plant, which form after the flower has wilted and contain the seeds. Larger and more pulpy than normal capers, they are conserved by La Nicchia in high quality extra virgin olive oil.

6 500 Ft
Unit price: 27 083 Ft/kg
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Country of origin
Place of origin
Nutritional values
Average values per 100 g
 Energy 502 kJ/120 kcal
 Fat 10g
    of which saturates 3g
 Carbohydrate 3g
    of which sugars 0g
 Protein 4,5g
 Salt 6g
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