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Gentile Le Pipe Rigate (mini shell pasta), 250g
Gentile Le Pipe Rigate (mini shell pasta), 250g
1 100 Ft

Gentile Le Pipe Rigate (mini shell pasta), 250g

A form of pasta that will fascinate children. Imagination can be soaring, and there may even be treasures in the little tubes.
It is easy to eat with a spoon and the textured pasta absorbs a lot of sauce. A short cooking time will quickly satisfy the appetites of the most impatient.


Gentile's owner, the Zampino family, spent many years searching for the best ingredients for their pasta. As the grandchildren came, they created a line of products for kids called "Pappa & Pomodoro": tiny dough trays made of Senatore Capelli wheat, bronzed and cirillo-dried to give the small copes the best quality.

1 100 Ft
Unit price: 4 400 Ft/kg
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Gentile pasta is made from strictly selected Italian high-quality wheat, which is best suited to achieve al dente consistency. Known as Cirillo, the slow, low temperature drying process retains a variety of textures and aromas.
The cooked dough is golden, the bronze cut forms are porous like homemade dough.

Country of origin
Place of origin
Group size
For kids
Cooking time (min.)
Egg content
Without egg
Nutritional values
ingredients: organic durum wheat semolina, water
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