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Gentile Conchiglioni, 500g
Gentile Conchiglioni, 500g
1 790 Ft

Gentile Conchiglioni, 500g

Gentile Conchiglioni, 500g
Gentile Conchiglioni, 500g

Commonly called ‘shells’ or ‘sea shells’ because of their shape, in fact, the word ‘conchiglia’ in Italian means sea shell. Conchiglie aren’t a very ancient pasta shape and are only produced dried. Because they haven’t been around for very long they don’t have a history which is particular to a certain Italian region. Conchiglioni are the jumbo shells, which are similar in size to lumaconi (snail shell pasta) and are excellent stuffed and baked.


The selected semolina wheat used in this pasta is strictly of Italian origin and of the best quality, including the Senatore Cappelli variety which is renowned for cooking to al-dente. It also gives the pasta a golden color. Bronze cut pasta molds create a rough and porous texture much like homemade pasta. The low temperature drying method known as cirillo preserves the distinct texture and aroma.

1 790 Ft
Unit price: 3 580 Ft/kg
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ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water
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Tips for pasta cooking
100 grams of pasta = 1 liter of salty water

Premium quality pasta doesn't need oil in the water, it is enough to stir the boiling pasta a couple of times in the first 2 minutes.

  • heat up the water in a tall pot, especially if you cook long pasta, then add salt
  • put the pasta in the boiling water, lower the heat when it starts to boil again
  • cook until the recommended time, then taste it to see if it is the texture what you wish for
  • drain it, do not rinse, just mix with any sauce and serve
  • for pasta salads cool it down under cold water
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