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Cheese bowl with vacuum sealing system
Cheese bowl with vacuum sealing system
8 200 Ft

Cheese bowl with vacuum sealing system

Transparent cheese tray for the preservation of grated cheese, equipped with a vacuum system for the preservation of the food product over time.

A brand new addition of cheese bowls. This innovative product allows the user to maintain the organoleptic properties of grated cheese in the fridge for months. This happens thanks to the button on the lid, the pressure of which creates a vacuum environment inside the product, thus preventing the proliferation of molds, almost stopping the process of altering the grated cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano logo printed on the lid in an elegant gold color.

8 200 Ft
11 x 9,2 cm
Coating / material
PET free from BPA
The cheesemaker - Click on the picture!
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