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Untreated Italian Navel orange, 1 kg

Untreated Italian Navel orange, 1 kg
Untreated Italian Navel orange, 1 kg
Untreated Italian Navel orange, 1 kg

The season-opening Navel shipment is expected to arrive in early December 2024.


Ripe, untreated peel oranges are available in our online store in limited quantities, for pre-order every year, during the Italian citrus season, i.e. approx. from December to the end of February.

We ask everyone to place their order via the webshop!

Based on the orders placed, we will send a separate notification when the product can be picked up or when the package has been handed over to the courier service. It has happened before that the notification was sent to the spam folder, so if you do not receive the notification about the shipment of the package or the possibility of picking it up at the store, please contact us by phone!

In the case of home delivery, please note that packages are sent out in the order in which orders are received, so we cannot guarantee that they will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Due to technical reasons, we cannot send fruit to the GLS parcel point, it can only be ordered by personal collection or home delivery!

A maximum of 9 kg of measured oranges can be ordered! If you would like to order a bigger amount, please choose the crate option!

Seasonal product, next in December 2024
Seasonal product
1 750 Ft
Unit price: 1 750 Ft/kg
Out of stock

Oranges are harvested when they are ripe, so the vitamin C content is much higher than the unripe fruit that travel for weeks, not to mention the taste of sunshine :) The fruit arrives to us within a few days after the harvest.

Since the different varieties of oranges ripen at different times, what comes to us changes during the season, now it's Navel's turn.

The appearance of Navel orange is reminiscent of the navel, hence its name. Due to its thick skin, it is easy to peel, and it is a sweet-fleshed variety suitable for eating by itself and making jam. The content of vitamin C is extremely high, a single piece of it contains approx. 25% more of the vitamin than the daily requirement of an average adult.

It is not necessary to soak the skin of the untreated fruit, just wash it and you can grate it and put it in cakes, on fish, etc. If you don't use it all, feel free to freeze it and use it within 1 year.

Photo: Antonio Fekete - DesignFood

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