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Bergamot essential oil, 10ml
Bergamot essential oil, 10ml
4 500 Ft

Bergamot essential oil, 10ml

Bergamot is a characteristic citrus plant which grows only in a small area of the province of the Calabria region and in no other place in the world.

The essence which is extracted from the peel of this fruit is the base of many perfumes due to its delicious fragrance, but it also has strong medicinal purposes recognized by doctors of ancient and modern eras.

The essence of bergamot is an excellent antiseptic, it heals wounds and sores, it gives an immediate sense of relief to pshysical tiredness, in a warm bath emanates a pleasent perfumed scent.

Food-wise it can be used to flavour sweets, cookies, sponge cake, etc.


4 500 Ft
Unit price: 450 Ft/ml

Attention! We DO NOT recommend using the essence in its natural state on the skin!

La Spina Santa
Country of origin
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100% bergamot peel
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