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Sobrino Orzo - Organic pearl barley, 1kg
Sobrino Orzo - Organic pearl barley, 1kg
2 500 Ft

Sobrino Orzo - Organic pearl barley, 1kg

Sobrino Orzo - Organic pearl barley, 1kg
Sobrino Orzo - Organic pearl barley, 1kg

These very healthy cereals were also used as feed. The Vikings and the Roman gladiators were already consumed, and fermented juice was eaten in ancient Egypt.

Drinking barley has a beneficial effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is important to know that this is the largest trace element containing grain. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Due to its extraordinary fiber content, digestion is highly beneficial, it also nourishes the nervous system and has a diuretic effect.

One of the most important ingredients of Jewish cuisine, it is regularly added to the chulent, but often occurs in soups. In Tibet they grind flour, eat in Morocco as raw materials for cakes, in Japan as a beutifying agent. In those ethnic groups where barley is a basic food, heart problems and heart disease, there is almost no existence at all.

The barley is worth a few hours before being used, and its cooking time is twice as good as its rice, and its use is similar. It can be made from a potato barley with vegetables and cooked soup and garnish.

Many would never rule out the stuffed cabbage barley, which makes it truly richer and more productive. Couscus - whichi is traditionally made of wheat - is replaced by barley in many places. A pile similar to risotto can be made with cooked barley instead of rice or bulgur, the main thing is seasoning.

You can make sweet grains from barley, which can be rolled up with red fruits, cinnamon and cloves, so we have a healthy dessert.

Coffee made from barley is one of the most important coffee substitutes, in Italy you can not get caffeine-free coffee, instead of caffe d'orzo or simply orzo (orzo = barley) we find this healthy delicacies in the Italian cafes but we also find the ingredients of the "mache" next to chicory.

2 500 Ft
Unit price: 2 500 Ft/kg
Country of origin
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nutrition facts
Nutritional values for 100g of product
 Energy 1506 kJ/336 kcal
 Total Fat 2,2g
    Saturated Fat 05g
 Total Carbohydrate 60g
    Sugar 1,3g
 Fiber 13g
 Protein 12g
 Salt 0,12g
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