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Sobrino Farro - Organic spelt, 1kg

Sobrino Farro - Organic spelt, 1kg
Sobrino Farro - Organic spelt, 1kg

Spelled wheat, also known as ancient wheat, can be a remedy for so-called "civilization" diseases, so you should not miss in a quality and healthy diet. It contains almost all kinds of nutrients and enhances the immune system.

Its easily digestible, high fiber content cleans the intestines, improves blood circulation and reduces atherosclerosis. Spelled grain contains fewer calories with a low glycemic index.
It contains large amounts of vitamin B (B1, B2, B6) and vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, fluorine, niacin, copper, selenium, zinc and fiber. Long-term, regular consumption can reduce cholesterol levels and fat deposits on the blood vessels.

With low calories it can be used in dietary diets, and lowers the hunger feeling. Note, however, that spelt can not be used in gluten-free or celiac foods.

Sprouts are widely used. Spelled can be made from meal, flour, pasta, and even beer. its bran is also a very useful raw material. Corn sprouts can also be a good source of ingredients, or mixed with muesli, but can also be eaten as a garnish instead of rice.

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