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Quattrociocchi Superbo extra virgin olive oil, 500ml
Quattrociocchi Superbo extra virgin olive oil, 500ml
6 900 Ft

Quattrociocchi Superbo extra virgin olive oil, 500ml

Strong personality, with full and enveloping body in a pleasant finish of sweet almond. Harmonious in the perception of bitter and spicy.
It's color is clear, golden yellow with intense green hues. Smell: Pleasant fruity notes of freshly picked olives are accompanied by vegetable and herb scents, freshly cut grass, artichoke, cardoon, lettuce.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Moraiolo guarantees exceptional organoleptic qualities and a very high quantity of polyphenols. It has an excellent balance between bitter and spicy that makes it ideal for structured dishes and for those who like to feel the flavor of the olive oil on the dishes. Its firm and vegetable scent makes it perfect for seasoning bruschette, tuna salads, soups and grilled meat. Its structure makes it excellent for long cooking such as braised and roasted.

Variety of olive: Moraiolo

6 900 Ft
Unit price: 13 800 Ft/l
Country of origin
Place of origin
Olive variety
Nutritional values for 100 ml of product
 Energy 3402 kJ/828 kcal
 Total Fat 92g
    Saturated Fat 12,83g
 Total Carbohydrate 0g
    Sugar 0g
 Protein 0g
 Salt 0g
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