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Microplane Specialty Box grater
Microplane Specialty Box grater
19 990 Ft

Microplane Specialty Box grater

Microplane Specialty Box grater
Microplane Specialty Box grater

We can call it a top model as well. The 4-sided file contains 1 Ultra Coarse blade and the 2 most popular, Patented Grid with Fine and Medium Ribbon blades. This product won the 2009 Housewares Design Awards award in the Kitchen Hand Tools category. You can call it "all in one" as you can do almost any job. Cleaning is not difficult because you can slide the Fine grater side so that we can easily remove the fibers that may be attached to the blades.

  • 5 patented, durable, ultra-slim stainless steel blades - made in USA
  • Ultra Rough, Coarse, Fine and Ribbon Blades
  • Special slicing blade
  • Transparent scale on both sides
  • The plastic tray that can be slid into the bottom of the file can be used to capture the file inside the stacking cabinet
  • Contemporary design, non-slip handle and soles for comfort and stability
  • Washable in dishwasher
  • Anti-vibration cover (not dishwasher-safe)
  • Grater Size: 13.3 cm x 10.8 cm
19 990 Ft

Cleaning: We recommend rinsing the blade with running water after use. If you happen to have things stuck between the teeth or cheese, butter, etc. stuck to it, gently scrub them with a toothbrush or nail brush used for this purpose.

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