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Castelmagno DOP - semi-fat cheese, 1kg

It is a semi-fat cheese made from raw cow milk, sometimes with the adding of goat or sheep milk, semi-hard cheese, with an ivory-white coloured inner part. During the aging it is possible to have the formation of few blue-green mould veins inside. The rind is thin, brown-yellow coloured and becomes darker when aged.

The product cannot be ordered online, it can only be purchased in the store freshly measured in any quantity.
If you want to get it for sure, you can let us know your purchase intention in advance by calling +36 20 567 4222.

Cannot be ordered online, only available in the shop
15 800 Ft
Online not available
Country of origin
Place of origin
Nutritional values
Average values per 100 g
 Energy 1805 kJ/435 kcal
 Fat 35g
    of which saturates 21g
 Carbohydrate 0g
    of which sugars 0g
 Protein 29g
 Salt 1g
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