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Salfiore di Romagna - sea statice, 1kg
Salfiore di Romagna - sea statice, 1kg
1 400 Ft

Salfiore di Romagna - sea statice, 1kg

Medium-fine grind salt.

Salfiore di Romagna is the first salt deposited in the flats in Cervia-the last remaining artisanal, seasonal, salt flats in Italy. This sea salt is extracted through natural evaporation creating sea salt with a rich depth of flavor.

Salfiore di Romagna is often refered to as "Il Sale dei Papi" or "Pope's Salt" as it is traditionally the seasoning sent to the Papal table. In early modern history, salt production belonged to the bishop of Cervia and was taxed heavily. Today this medium fine grain sea salt is used by saints and sinners alike to season vegetables, carpaccio, sushi, roasted meats, grilled fish, salads and more.
1 400 Ft
Unit price: 1 400 Ft/kg
Salina di Cervia
Place of origin
Emilia Romagna
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