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Bialetti Esperto bean coffee Classcio, 500g
Bialetti Esperto bean coffee Classcio, 500g
4 990 Ft

Bialetti Esperto bean coffee Classcio, 500g

This coffee that reflects the taste of the Roman culinary tradition. Cocoa notes and hints of dried fruit for a harmonious blend that is perfect for ending every meal.

Classico is a balanced espresso coffee with a lingering flavour. It evokes the flavour of the Roman culinary tradition, a cuisine of humble origins consisting of strong, highly seasoned dishes; the historic role of coffee was to lighten these flavours. This is why it is considered the perfect coffee after a meal.


50% arabica, 50% robusta
Persistent body, dark taste, aromas of hazelnuts and dried fruit.

4 990 Ft
Unit price: 9 980 Ft/kg
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