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Tenuta Margherita - Tondo Balilla  rice, 1kg
Tenuta Margherita - Tondo Balilla rice, 1kg
2 900 Ft

Tenuta Margherita - Tondo Balilla rice, 1kg

The Balilla variety is a historic variety of Italian rice cultivation and has a short, round, pearly grain.

It's small, sticky and takes a short time to cook, which make it ideal for dishes in which the cereal must become the basis of the recipe, such as desserts. It is also excellent in timbales (for example sartú di riso), arancini and soups, although in the case of the latter the cooking times must be significantly reduced. It is included in the list of cultivable varieties with Protected Designation of Origin in the Baraggia Biellese denomination.

2 900 Ft
Unit price: 2 900 Ft/kg
Tenuta Margherita
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