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Francesca's Spices - Cubeb pepper, 40g
Francesca's Spices - Cubeb pepper, 40g
2 800 Ft

Francesca's Spices - Cubeb pepper, 40g

Cubeb pepper belongs to the botanical family of Piperaceae along with its better-known cousin, black pepper. It has round berries with a wrinkled surface but is distinguished from black pepper by the stalk that remains attached to it like a "tail". The aromatic tones are pleasant and the flavour is pungent and slightly bitter with resinous and fruity notes.

In Europe it was already appreciated in the Middle Ages but its use was lost over time and nowadays it is almost unknown. However, it remains an essential spice in Indonesian cuisine and is also commonly used in Central Africa (Benin, Sierra Leone, Congo) and Morocco. Cubeb pepper can be included in the composition of the famous Moroccan blend "Ras el Hanout".

Cubeb pepper has a fruity and delicate aroma and is therefore particularly suitable for perfuming fish dishes with a refined and tender flavour. It is frequently used by pastry chefs for creative combinations with chocolate and fruit. Try it for example to flavour a pineapple carpaccio or a lemon sorbet.


Origin: Indonesia

Botanical name: piper cubeba

2 800 Ft
Unit price: 70 000 Ft/kg
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