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Francesca's Spices - Aleppo chilli flakes, 30g

Aleppo chilli peppers take their name from the Syrian city of the same name where they have been traditionally grown for centuries, but they are also produced in Turkey, the country where this batch comes from. The other name is Halaby pepper.

The processing involves harvesting when fully ripe and then partial drying in the sun for about ten days. The seeds are then removed and the Aleppo chillies are turned into flakes with the addition of salt. Finally, Francesca proceeds to the last drying phase following which it is lightly seasoned with olive oil, which makes it shiny while maintaining its bright colour and tender, sweet flavour.

It is a tasty chilli, very mildly pungent, suitable for all dishes, even the most delicate ones. Excellent to use raw on salads, cheeses and fish. It also pairs very well with grilled fish and chicken, for those who like moderate spiciness.

SHU: 10.000

Origin: Türkiye

2 600 Ft
Unit price: 86 667 Ft/kg
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