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Bialetti Induction milk frother

Using a manual milk frother such as the Bialetti Cappuccinatore Induction Milk Frother remains the simplest and most efficient way to prepare delicious creamy froth for your cappuccino, latte or other drinks.

It is perfect for use with Whole Milk as well as other alternative milks such as Soy, Almond & Oat. With a 1000ml capacity, and made from stainless steel it is suitable for use on all stove tops including Induction, gas, electrical and ceramic. The frothing occurs by pumping the screens repeatedly for a short time once the milk is heated

A froth screen on the frothing wand produces aerated milk that’s more consistent and creamy than other frothers. With a silicone edge seal this creates a pressure that forces all the milk or cream to pass through the dual frothing screens, and not up the sides.

From the makers of the prestigious Bialetti Moka Pot, the Cappuccinatore’s handle is designed to be heat-resistant, being hollow and angled away from the heat of the main body so you never have to worry about burning your hand when the frother is hot.

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