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Bialetti - Brikka Evolution 2 cups coffee maker
Bialetti - Brikka Evolution 2 cups coffee maker
23 490 Ft

Bialetti - Brikka Evolution 2 cups coffee maker

Bialetti - Brikka Evolution 2 cups coffee maker
Bialetti - Brikka Evolution 2 cups coffee maker

The Bialetti Brikka is a new, improved version of the classic Moka Express for those who want to get something as close to genuine espresso as they can at home. While classic moka pots like the Moka Express & Venus can provide a very tasty coffee, the one thing they can't do is produce a good crema - for some the ultimate sign of high quality espresso.

The reason that traditional moka pots can't produce crema is that they provide much less pressure than an espresso machine. To address this, Bialetti designed the Brikka which includes a patented valve that provides more pressure and produces a shot with crema!

The Brikka also features a small opening in the lid that prevents condensation from forming and unintentionally diluting your coffee. This ensures you get maximum richness and strength in the final product.

23 490 Ft
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Carefully follow the instructions for use and enjoy the true creamy espresso like in an Italian bar.

  • Makes a concentrated rich espresso-style coffee with crema
  • Suitable for gas & electric stovetops (not induction)
  • Easy to wash - by hand with warm water (not dishwasher safe)
  • Heat & burn proof silicone handle

Use coarse-grounded coffee.
Maximum pot count: 80ml total (water loaded 100ml)
Optimal quantity: 80ml of loaded water, of which a total of 70ml of potion is made
Never place more water in your coffee machine! When using a gas cooker, do not touch the flame until the side of the coffee maker. never reach the safety valve. The coffee maker can not make half a dose, put the filter holder in a basket full of coffee, but do not compress it. push the coffee.

Heat source
Gas, electric, ceramic stovetop
Coating / material
Capacity (ml)
2 adag
Coffee maker line
Brikka Evolution
How to use
1. Start by pouring the water at room temperature into the Moka boiler and filling it up to the level of the safety valve. To avoid making your coffee too watery, do not fill it over this level.
2. Now choose your preferred ground coffee blend. Caution! The blend must be specifically ground for a Moka pot and not excessively fine. Generously fill the Moka pot's funnel, without pressing down the coffee.
3. A little secret? Set the heat to low and take all the time necessary; it is worth waiting a few minutes longer so that you can enjoy an excellent coffee. When the coffee has completely risen into the collection chamber, turn off the heat.
4. Now for the crucial moment: tasting. To fully enjoy the aromas released, we advise you to drink the coffee as soon as it is poured into the cup.

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