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Tenuta Margherita

2023.10.31 16:27
Tenuta Margherita
Italian rice since 1904
Our story starts from very far away, back in the years to 1904, when an idea and a few simple emotions found a home in a farmhouse, immersed in the Piedmont countryside.
This is where Tenuta Margherita was born.
Simple, like our constant and tireless search for quality displayed in the small gestures and attention we give to every moment of processing our rice.
As unchanged as the emotions that still pervade our work after a hundred years, from a simple grain of freshly harvested rice to the pride of a job dedicated to excellence in all its forms.
It is therefore from afar that our story begins, just as our gaze is always turned forward. Attention to our traditions cannot divert our gaze towards the future and the challenges it offers us.
It is in the 300 hectares of land of Tenuta Margherita that Davide Brusa saw all the potential to grow and take our goals further forward.
“The watchwords, for us, are slowness and delicacy. Only in this way is it possible to achieve excellence; the principles of our work come together in these two words. Our attention and our historic machines define the essence of our work: the search for perfection.”
Chiara and Davide Brusa