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Sobrino Saraceno - Organic buckwheat, 1kg
Sobrino Saraceno - Organic buckwheat, 1kg
3 000 Ft 
2 100 Ft

Sobrino Saraceno - Organic buckwheat, 1kg

The expiry date of the pruduct is 24/01/2026


The buckwheat belongs to the family of bitterbirds, but it is often referred to as cereal in everyday usage. The reason for this is that, similarly to the beechwood's appearance, brownish-blackcurrant, typically three-leafed grains are used as wheat.


The small triangular seed has raw, dry, strong scent, and has a very characteristic flavor. Before use, thoroughly rinse thoroughly with warm water. It delivers a nice plus flavor if it is toasted before being prepared. It is relatively quick to soak without soaking and it can be further shortened by pre-soaking; in fact, it may even go raw in certain foods. If we do not care for its distinctive flavor, we use this very healthy raw material as a sidecar in our foods.

3 000 Ft 
2 100 Ft
Unit price: 2 100 Ft/kg
Discount: 30
Saving 900 Ft

Moderate climatic areas of Asia, where it started its conquest and practically consumed in Japan, throughout China and Europe. With the spread of potatoes and wheat, they were increasingly in the background.

Its nutritional value is typically its carbohydrate content, but unlike conventional cereals, buckwheat fiber content is outstanding. Its amino acid composition is also much more favorable.

It has high calcium and magnesium content, and it is not negligible that its high potassium content and sodium are rather poor.
In addition, due to its very valuable source of vitamins (vitamins E, B1 and B2), flavonoids and routine (vitamin P) It is also an excellent drug for radiation damage caused by radiotherapy.

Country of origin
Place of origin
Non EU
nutrition facts
Nutritional values for 100g of product
 Energy 1376 kJ/329 kcal
 Total Fat 3,3g
    Saturated Fat 0,71g
 Total Carbohydrate 61,2g
    Sugar 0g
 Fiber 10g
 Protein 12,5g
 Salt 0,01g
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