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Cacao Crudo - Organic dark chocolate (77%) from raw cocoa with orange zest, 30g

You will be surprised by the aromatic intensity of this chocolate and above all by the fast alternation of the chocolate flavour with that of the orange peel, so fast as to almost form a very balanced continuum. Instead of orange oil, only the most aromatic part of the peel is used, the thin orange-coloured outer layer. Cacao Crudo produce it themselves starting from Sicilian oranges, from which they manually remove the peel and then dry it at 30°C for about 36-40 hours. The zest, reduced into small pieces and mixed with the chocolate, is exalted on contact with the palate, leaves room for the chocolate, returns, imparts fresh notes; a remarkable excitation of the senses. A classic taste enriched by cold processing that certainly won't disappoint you.

1 500 Ft
Unit price: 50 000 Ft/kg
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Cacao Crudo
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unroasted Criollo cocoa bean paste*, concentrated coconut flower sap*, cocoa butter from unroasted beans*. * from organic source May contain almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.
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