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Hario Mini Mill Pro hand coffee grinder

Hario Mini Mill Pro hand coffee grinder
Hario Mini Mill Pro hand coffee grinder
Hario Mini Mill Pro hand coffee grinder

The main difference compared to the Hario Skerton Plus is that - they have retained the larger, more stable Skerton grinder - but the Skerton Pro grinder has incorporated Mini Mill's preferred technology solutions:
- a removable, reassembled, reinforced grinding wheel with one stroke
- Adjusting the fine texture is extremely simple - after twisting the two pieces it is done by turning the fine adjustment screw at the bottom of the upper part

Hario products mean the highest quality of workmanship. Skerton is equipped with conical ceramic burrs which do not affect the taste of your coffee and are resistant to wear. The lower tank is made of glass and is equipped with a non-slip rubber band and a lid that allows you to close the tank with your freshly ground coffee tight. You can dismount the grinder in a few seconds and clean it just rinsing it with warm water.

  • Type of grinding discs: conical
  • Material of grinding discs: ceramic
  • Regulatory fatigue control: gradual
  • Thanks to its design, it can be kept stable during milling
  • Thanks to its compact size it is ideal for travel
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Size: width 172 mm (with grinding wheel), depth 93 mm, height 195 mm
  • The lower part of the grinder can also be used as a storage box

Hand grinders operate on the same principle as their professional counterparts, except that the grinding wheel is rotated by the coffee maker rather than the engine.

Their operating principle is therefore the same. The grinder works like a small mill where the grinding wheels are the grinding stones. By approaching the upper grinding wheel to the bottom, we get a finer grinder. This solution is needed in two ways:
- It is only in this way that the fine texture is sufficiently uniform. If you work with "combine" recipe mixing fine and coarse coarse coffee, coffee extraction will be partial.
- Only this way can be solved so that the grinding fineness can be adjusted with high sensitivity and can be modified. This allows the grinder to be set up for different manufacturing technologies and coffees with different properties and then adjusted if necessary.


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