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Zaccagni Cavatelli, 500g

Zaccagni Cavatelli, 500g
Zaccagni Cavatelli, 500g

Classic cavatelli from Puglia and Molise, one of the oldest pasta types, are traditionally made by rolling pasta dough into long ropes or snakes and then cutting them into pieces 5cms in length. The cavatelli are then formed by pressing the three middle fingers of one hand into each piece of dough to create a cavity. However, in some parts of Southern Italy, cavatelli are made shorter using only the index and middle finger or only the index finger. In some places, people make them even longer by doubling the length of the piece of pasta to about 10 centimeters. They then use the 3 middle fingers of both hands.

Ingredients: durum wheat, water

Cooking time (al dente): 14 min

Country of origin
Place of origin
Group size
Cooking time (min.)
Egg content
Without egg
Nutritional values
Average values per 100 g
 Energy 1496 kJ/353 kcal
 Fat 1,5g
    of which saturates 0,3g
 Carbohydrate 70g
    of which sugars 2,5g
 Fibre 3g
 Protein 14g
 Salt <0,002g
Tips for pasta cooking
100 grams of pasta = 1 liter of salty water

Premium quality pasta doesn't need oil in the water, it is enough to stir the boiling pasta a couple of times in the first 2 minutes.

  • heat up the water in a tall pot, especially if you cook long pasta, then add salt
  • put the pasta in the boiling water, lower the heat when it starts to boil again
  • cook until the recommended time, then taste it to see if it is the texture what you wish for
  • drain it, do not rinse, just mix with any sauce and serve
  • for pasta salads cool it down under cold water
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